Each LEGO® Idea Conference features some of the most inspiring and influential speakers on topics related to learning and education and early childhood development. From young protagonists trying to change the system to established voices who are part of a deep-rooted way of thinking about learning and education. We invite thought leaders, practitioners, researchers and social innovators to share their insights on new ways of learning that will equip and empower children to become creative, engaged, lifelong learners.

We will be adding speakers for the 2018 conference to this page as they are confirmed.

Arvind Gupta
Toys from Trash
Kiran Bir Sethi
Founder/Director of the The Riverside School, Riverside Education Foundation & Founder of Design for Change
Chernor Bah
Co-Founder/Executive Director, Purposeful Productions

Arvind Gupta left a corporate job early on to pursue his passion – making science fun for children. He has written 30 books on science activities, translated 380 books into Hindi and presented 125 films on science activities on the National Television – Doordarshan. His first book Matchstick Models and other Science Experiments was translated into 12 Indian languages and sold over half a million copies. He has received several national and international honors for making science interesting for children. Arvind has worked in 25 countries and conducted workshops in over 3000 schools. He shares his passion for books and toys through his popular website. He has produced 6800 short (2-minute) videos on Simple Science Experiments and Toys from Trash in 20 different languages. The videos have been viewed by over 63-million children worldwide.




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Turning trash into toys for learning

How children learn

Children’s Science Center, Pune, India

Sasol Science Fair, South Africa

Kiran Bir Sethi is the Founder/Director of The Riverside School in Ahmedabad, India.  She is also the founder of ‘aProCh’ – an initiative to make our cities more child friendly, for which she was awarded the Ashoka Fellow in 2008. In 2009, she founded ‘Design for Change’ (DFC) – the world’s largest movement of change – of and by children.  DFC is now in 65 countries—impacting over 2.2 million children and 65,000 Teachers.  In March 2015, she was amongst the Top 10 Educators, nominated for the Global Teacher Prize – instituted by the Varkey GEMS Foundation.  In October, 2015, she was conferred the Asia Game Changer 2015 Award by Asia Society.  In 2017, she has been appointed as Ambassador, Vital Voices, and a member of VVLead Fellowship, a partnership between Pond’s and Vital Voices.  In June, 2017, she met the Pope in the Vatican to sign an Agreement whereby D.F.C. is being introduced in over 460,000 Catholic Schools across the Globe.





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Design for Change – a champion of learning through play

Kids, take charge (TED talk)

Teacher as a Designer

Global Teacher Prize – top 10 finalists

Chernor Bah is a champion and advocate for girls and for global education. He’s the co-founder and Executive Director of Purposeful Productions, a movement building hub seeking to “create a new power paradigm for girls” in the global south.
As a teenager, he founded and led Sierra Leone’s children’s parliament and was influential in promoting children’s voices in his country’s peace building process. Bah was co-founder of A World at School where he started and led the Global Youth Ambassador initiative with over 500 young leaders campaigning for education around the world. Chernor has twice been appointed by the United Nations Secretary General to high-level committees on global education, and on youth, peace and security. He was recently at the Population Council, where he led a collaborative initiative to develop solutions for adolescent girls affected by the Ebola Outbreak.








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