The LEGO Idea Conference invites thought leaders, practitioners, researchers, government representatives and social innovators to share their insights on new ways of learning that will equip and empower children to become creative, engaged, lifelong learners.

Each LEGO Idea Conference features some of the most inspiring and influential speakers on topics related to learning, education and early childhood development. From young protagonists trying to change the system to established voices who are part of a deep-rooted way of thinking about learning and education.

The next conference will take place on 9-11 March 2020.


At the LEGO® Idea Conference we host 3-400 international leading experts – including academics, practitioners, innovators, representatives from international educations organisations, government officials and social entrepreneurs – to progress the global debate on play and its critical link to learning. The targeted focus, coupled with an audience of great diversity, leads to the creation of new solutions promoting quality learning.

In-person attendance at the Conference is by invitation only, but we invite anyone interested in learning through play to join the conversation online. We will share relevant hashtags and links in due time before the next Conference in 2020.

Conference themes 2014-2016

Over the past three years, the LEGO Foundation has transformed the LEGO Idea Conference into a recognised global platform where participant from around the world come to debate, share insights, inspire and get inspired on topics within children’s learning, education and development. Below is a description of the 2014-2016 conference themes.

2016: What do we mean by quality learning?

Quality has become an important topic within the global debate around learning and education. The World Bank talks about “The New Horizon in Education – From Access to Quality“. In 2015 the World Education Forum placed “Equitable and Inclusive Quality Education“ at the top of its agenda. And the United Nations dedicated one of the new Sustainable Development Goals to: “Ensuring equitable and quality education leading to relevant and effective learning outcomes.” A key outcome of the discussions at the 2016 LEGO® Idea Conference was a compilation of the leading viewpoints about quality learning in education, and applicable ways to measure and implement these at scale.

2015: Learning through play: Breaking down barriers. Co-creating solutions

Participants were invited to brainstorm new approaches and solutions in order to change practices, behaviours and attitudes of influencers, policy makers and systems around the world. They worked to together address major barriers — including, measurement challenges, scaling issues, lack of coordinated efforts and insufficiently valuing whole child development — holding back progress and shared objectives.

2014: Re-defining play. Re-imagining Learning

The 2014 LEGO Foundation Idea Conference was designed to bring together some of the world’s brightest minds to inspire ways to make quality play a priority in homes, classrooms, workplaces and communities. The conference aimed to provide a platform to turn ideas into action.